If quality doesn't happen at the top,it won't happen at the bottom.Can school boards really change?

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The Center for Board Behavior Reform
Transforming boards one member at a time.

What is the CBBR?

From personalities, politics, and power struggles to positive, measurably productive school board meetings--all within three months.

Your school board is charged with creating and effectively maintaining educational systems that positively impact the lives of children. Yet, some school board meetings resemble a circus. Challenging personalities, misguided politics, and hidden agendas become the standard of operation. We know that board members hold the key to better schools and quality education. Bottom-line, school boards and board members determine the success, or failure, of a school system.

Billions of training dollars are spent on education each year in this country in vain. This money is spent on teacher and administrator training, but what we fail to realize is if boards and superintendents don't work as teams, we never realize the fruits of our investment. If quality doesn't happen at the top, it won't happen at the bottom.

A national training model was developed based on the results of this research. Great boards do similar things, and unfortunately, so do poor performing boards. When boards behave badly, nothing good happens. Just as we can learn from the high performing boards, we can do the same from low performing boards. The Center for Board Behavior Reform provides the most unique training in the country based on behavior change.

The CBBR was created to provide unique training to superintendents and school boards based on the first-of-its-kind research done by Dr. David E. Lee at The University of Southern Mississippi. This research has revealed, for the first time, that there is a direct link between school board behavior and student achievement.

We know a thing or two about board meetings because we have observed over 300 of them--research concludes there is a direct link between board behaviors and student achievement.
Dr. David Lee

Refreshing to hear someone with all his experience bring training to life that reveals our true purpose for serving on a board. He holds no punches when talking about how we can hinder, or help, our systems become great.
quotes from the NSBA conference
Awesome speaker! Could have listened to him much longer. Great insight into what we as a board should be doing.
quotes from the NSBA conference
Outstanding session! Speaker was very informative and fun to listen to.
quotes from the NSBA conference
Vital information delivered in anecdotes with humor. I wish the entire board could have been here to hear him.
quotes from the NASB conference
Great speaker; great advice.
quotes from the NASB conference
Excellent presentation. I wish all my fellow board members could have heard you.
quotes from the NASB conference
Great hearing form someone with his experience and background. He knows what we face as board members because he has been one plus his experience as a superintendent as well made him the perfect speaker. Awesome!!!!
quotes from the NASB conference

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