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Transforming boards one member at a time.

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We provide school board training based on a research based behavioral change model that is not duplicated anywhere in America. Our training is geared toward entire district level leadership teams; school boards, superintendents, and executive staff.

The CBBR training is customized to meet the specific needs of your school district. Initial training can be as short as two hours or an entire day depending on the schedule of board members. Your time at training sessions are minimized due to the format of the training model. Your mentoring will begin immediately after the initial training.

After the initial training on designing policies, strategic leadership qualities, and how to conduct effective board meetings, we then zero in on what matters most, and that is how each board member behaves and implements what they have been taught.

The BoardsThatWork System Overview

  • The training has a built-in evaluation system that guarantees the training works. Behavior is monitored and evaluated providing evidence that the leaders are changing and if they are implementing successful strategies that get positive results.
  • The board is given a proprietary Board Behavior Matters Assessment to get an initial overview of their perception of their role and duties as a school board member.
  • The board develops a clear understanding of what desired behavior looks like.
  • An initial 3 hour training is given that provides guidance on designing policies, strategic leadership qualities, and conducting effective board meetings. Additional training sessions will be held throughout the year to focus on areas that have been observed that is hindering board performance.
  • Strategic behaviors are identified that could be sabotaging board productivity.
  • The board and superintendent agree upon the desired behavior changes to be implemented.
  • Each month the board meeting will be video taped to observe actual behavior during the board meeting and a designated person will send the recording to the CBBR for observation and feedback. The feedback is the essential component of this model.
  • An attempt will be made to personally call and provide feedback to each board member within three days after receiving the meeting video. All conversations with board members will be held in strict confidence. The procedure is utilized over a 12 month time period. The focus is on behavioral change, the key link to enhanced board performance.
  • The follow-up calls enable the consultant to provide one-on-one instruction to each board member for a period of not less than 12 months. This includes the feedback necessary for behavior changes to take place.
  • Assessments at key times throughout the 12 month period will provide the CBBR and the Board a measurable assurance that effective change is taking place.
  • Boards will begin seeing a visible change in the productivity of their meetings within 3 months of their initial training.
  • Separate from this video and monthly feedback, the CBBR can also provide customized training modules around such themes as policy development and leadership training.

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